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Paid Social Advertisements make your Web Presence Explode

After working hard on getting the right content to engage with your target audience (and distribute relevant information), it’s advisable to not limit its reach to social networks only. Positive media coverage, blog posts, product reviews, promoted posts, and educational content such as presentations/white papers put you across to your fans and help you get tremendous value and profitability for your business.
Interestingly, paid social advertisement tools on Twitter, Face book, LinkedIn, You Tube and other channels do not cost a lot and always succeed in increasing your visibility—dramatically. Take a look.


Facebook Promoted Posts
Paid ‘Facebook Promoted Posts’ are used by businesses to get their regular posts appear with higher rankings and more frequently in the news feed. These promoted posts get the lift required for the exposure being solicited on Facebook. All you need to promote a post on Facebook is create one that’s relevant to your business and click on the tab “Promote”. Next, you will have to select your budget based on the audience that you would like to reach. Compelling headlines and graphics are essential for driving the maximum levels of engagement in relation to Promoted Posts, so act accordingly.
Believe it or not, you can get up to tens of thousands of targeted visitors and over 8,500 Likes by just paying under $100 for your social ads!


Twitter Promoted Tweets
Twitter has recently launched a capability (self-service) for Promoted Tweets. These refer to regular tweets that are paid for to be promoted to a larger audience. Twitter typically allows businesses to target relevant people by interest, geography, or gender, and these tweets are only paid for when people retweet, click on, mark as favorite, or choose to reply to the same. Here, the pricing system is on the basis of bidding and Twitter provides suggestions for optimizing your social advertisements campaign, permits you to gauge their performance, and lets you adjust your bids to get better results.
Prefix Magazine, an online music publication paid for such Promoted Tweets to drive a larger volume of high-quality readers and enhance brand awareness to its site. They saw an instantaneous jump of 49 percent in their Twitter ad campaigns!


LinkedIn Ads
One of the best ways of catching the attention of the target audience is via LinkedIn Ads that are run on prominent pages on this popular social media website. These advertisements comprise of a headline, a small description, company name, URL, and a small image. It’s easy to select the desired viewership by clicking on targeted criteria like job title, gender, company name, job function, industry, age, company size, geography, and particular LinkedIn Groups.
Just like Twitter campaigns, a maximum budget can be set for these ads and a business pays only for the impressions or clicks that they receive. Highlighting special offers, white papers, free trials, unique benefit and demos, as well as using strong phrases for call-to-action like Sign up, Try, Download, or Request a Quote come in handy and help generate viewer interest.
For instance, the LinkedIn Ads used by HubSpot managed to generate a smart click-through rate which was 60 percent higher than the company’s average across all other social networks, and with higher quality leads.


Get Started
According to Adam Root, CTO and cofounder of HipLogiq, “My strategy is to use Twitter to gain new users, Facebook to build a community and LinkedIn to generate leads for the sales team.”
You may like to use these networks too!

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