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Why is it a “Must” to have a Mobile Application?

It’s hard to ignore how mobile devices have skewed the overall online landscape to a point where more than 75 percent of all internet access is being carried out through some kind of handheld. As per a survey conducted by Ericsson—the major telecommunications giant–the rage created by mobile apps is so dominant that over 45 percent of iPhone and Android owners in U.S.A are using emailing and other social networking apps even before leaving their beds.


Why are Mobile Applications a “Must”?
Alongside, the convergence of wireless industries has increased user expectations from mobile devices and has led to the use of applications across all mobile platforms. Today, mobile applications and software solutions are being developed for handheld devices like tablets, enterprise digital assistants, mobile phones and personal digital assistants like never before.
With a boom in the application marketplace taking over, both free apps and those that come at a price are being lapped up by users. These applications are capable of being downloaded from diverse application and distribution platforms. They target the devices reliant on the technology rendered by Blackberry, Nokia, J2ME, Windows, Palm web OS Android, Windows Mobile, iPhone and so forth.


Increasing Utility of Mobile Apps
Mobile apps are being provided for general productivity and information retrieval like emails, contacts, weather information, etc. and their explosion has led to the development of several content curation and review sources such as services linked to online app-discovery, magazines and blogs.


Ways of Harnessing the Power of Mobile Apps
Here, we mention some of the most popular routes of leveraging the benefits of a smartly-conceived mobile strategy.


Customer Engagement
Mobile app technology offers business organizations the potential of engaging with their customers on the basis of location, in real-time and with complete access to their profile information. If done the right way, apps are capable of turning engaged customers into high revenue generating ones—and in a big way indeed!


Customer Support and Service
One of the essential reasons of developing a mobile app is that it makes it simpler for businesses to offer their customers with more efficient ways of remaining in touch. Apps with all the relevant features and functionalities in place, make life easier for users and allow them to avail a company’s products, services and after-sales support with ease.


Coupons and discounts are one of the most popular and engaging ways of monetizing services with mobiles adding an interesting layer of geographical location based notifications to the overall coupon economy. Yes, they increase the likelihood of getting real traffic and higher conversions in a large way indeed!


The Next Step
With this expanding technology boom, wireless networks are managing our lives in all aspects. If you are selling your services or products online, mobile apps serve as options that are certainly worth considering. So, think of creative ways of capturing the attention of your potential or existing customers, lure your target audience to buy via your apps, and reap rich benefits!

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